Lyrics for Fermenting In The Alchemical Compost
copyright Harvey Swanson 1999, all rights reserved

1.Crazy Driver

flyin' down the road in my funky old van
doin' what i do, doin' the best that i can
I'm ridin' along and I'm hearin' this song
comin' thru the air, but my radio ain't on
this happens sometimes and when it does
if i don't write it down,
I don't remember what it was
I'm a crazy driver
it's happened before, it's different every time
different rhythms and different rhymes
sometimes it's fast and sometimes it's slow
sometimes it's high and sometimes it's low
fadin' in and out, I's trying to make what it said
a slow motion implosion in the back of my head
I'm a day dreamer
lookin' for silver and gold
lookin' for love, with a heart and soul
whatever you're lookin' for, whatever you find
let's hope you find some peace of mind
shake it around, spread it everywhere
put some roots in the ground,
throw some seeds in the air
be a future farmer
these simple truths like the golden rule
the wise in the eyes of the world is a fool
I ain't sayin' nothin' ain't been said before
'bout the power of love,
don't need to say anymore
so what, you take it with a grain of salt
what's my problem? I'm human,
that's everybody's fault
I'm a human-being

2. Naked Parade

every bubble always pops
the other shoe always drops
everybody's a winner, everybody's a loser
time is a bomb, we're all runnin' to defuse her
a tic and a toc, blow away all we got
blow away our charade, and all the games that we play
blow away every promise we made
and all come rainin' back down
on our naked parade

a flash in the sky, a thief in the night
the blink of an eye, a blinding light
our fear is being stolen, our pain is being burned,
the sky is breaking open, the curtain's being torn

follow your dreams
whatever spell you're under
follow the blind dancer
dance to the deaf drummer
follow the wind
down the warm paths of summer
follow the moon 'cross the sky
'round the circle of numbers
to the city of joy
where lepers laugh and cry
to the garden of sorrow
where paradise withers and dies
dancing in circles
every step synchronized
behind every door
behind all our eyes

3. Steal The Rain

steal the rain
hide it in a big dark cloud
hold it in
until the thunder cries out loud
a lonely howl of pain and fear
washin' down in a flood of tears
for life, for death, for lover, for years
steal the rain

steal the moon
hide it in the mountains high
the trees will know
they'll lift the moon back into the sky
to light up the paths for lovers at night
for sailors at sea, on the rising tide
for you, for me, for love, for light
steal the moon

steal the sun
hide it in the deep blue sea
hide it deep
the thief of night will always set him free
delivers to his lover the morning light
embrace the world and caress the night
for joy, for beauty, for love, for life
steal the sun

steal the wind
hide it in the haunted past don't look back
it's just a ghost behind the golden mask
and as it softly melts away
the line of time into one day
for now, forever, for all ways
steal the wind

steal this song
give it to the devil for free
make him dance
and when he comes callin' on me
we'll dance and sing and twirl and spin
dance the devil home
and I'll come back again
for love, for life, for virtue, for sin
steal this song

steal my face
beat me over the head with it
stab me in the heart
and if I still don't get it
brew it in a strong slow tea
and serve it up to me
for love, for life, for health, for free
steal this thought

4. Blue Song

one blue planet
one blue world
wrapped in many colors
and misty, spinning swirls
one strange journey
one blue road
lots of tales and stories
been sold and told
high times, hard times,
they shape and they fit
sometimes, it's so fine,
it's as good as it's gonna get
bad times, make a sad rhyme,
all the changin' hues
of the deepest blues
way down the heavy sky,
the weight of the world
and the urge to fly
with the wind
he's traveling light tonight
he's just passin' through

I could sing you a song
'bout everyone
who's done me wrong
I could recite a verse
'bout how things
couldn't get worse
I could pen you a poem
'bout how I'm feelin' so alone
I could scream you a tune,
'bout rage and ruin and doom
I could tell you a story,
'bout somebody's tragic glory
written in a bloody scrawl,
on some dirty stinkin' wall
down black alleys,
through the green valley,
through the hollow temples
and the hollowed halls
the wind
is traveling light
he's just passin' through

5. When The Goin' Gets Weird (John's Song)

when I got the news of the motorcycle death blues
I cried, it was a shame you had to go
with you checkin' out, it left no room for doubt
you showed us all along what it was all about
live and die we all got places to go
and when the goin' gets weird the weird go pro

is it a freak of nature? is it a flash in the pan?
is it a cornerstone to a castle of sand?
is it a stroke of genius? is it a twist of fate?
a separate reality? an altered state?
well, great god, have mercy, I don't know
when the goin' gets weird the weird go pro

make me an offer that I can't refuse
give me some substance that I can't abuse
far beyond the grasp of the long arm of the law
sittin' upon the tip of the finger of god
well within the reach of children, where there's always room to grow
when the goin' gets weird the weird go pro

it's highly contagious, you'll catch it if you breathe
the symptoms are outrageous, it's a conspiracy
but you can take it or leave it - it might mean nothin' to you
and if you don't believe it, then for it isn't true
but for anyone who's wonderin', anyone who cares to know
when the goin' gets weird the weird go pro

its a question of balance it's a leap of faith
it's a fine, fine line, it's your saving grace
but there's no smoke and mirrors, there's nothing up your sleeve,
you've got to give it up if you're gonna receive,
put your cards on the table, you got your ace in the hole,
when the going gets weird the weird go pro

6. New Seeds

the table is set
for the feast of all feasts
there's a rumblin' and a grumblin'
in the belly of the beast
a locomotive hunger
that won't be satisfied or filled
an earthquaking thunder
that won't be hidden from or stilled
and yet a parasite
will justify it's existence
as it slowly kills it's living host
sucking more than it needs
in a frantic, frenzied feed
leaving only angels,
skeletons, and ghosts

everybody wants a piece
of the proverbial pie
as we eat, so we're eaten
you see we are the pie
a silent screaming sadness
more that sanity can bare
a slippery psychotic madness
dripping through the air
and still we only want more
though our excess
is the cause of our disease
as our earthly gains
become our ball and chain
to give it freely will be our only release

the alchemical metaphor
turning lead into gold
that omnipotent magic
moving matter with soul
constant transformation
nothing ever stays the same
multidimensional mutations
in the sub-atomic flames
how can a heart nurtured with love and passion
grow cold and blind while others bleed
as we reap what's been sown
we'll eat what we've grown
it's time to harvest fresh fruits and new seeds

7. 21st Century Blues

I got a website, domain name, and an MP3
don't have a girlfriend, a telephone, or my own PC
I gotta answer my e-mail from a telephone booth
I got those low down high tech 21st Century Blues
I got electronic boxes for my acoustic guitar
I'd take it on the road but the shit won't fit in my car
I'm tryin' and tryin' to sound like those guys on the radio do
I got those low down high tech 21st Century Blues
I'm gettin' some holes in my boots, pull a couple of bills from my stash
the cyber store says "man we don't take cash"
you gotta have a plastic card to bye a new pair of shoes
I got those low down high tech 21st Century Blues
I got a garden at home with all my onions and beans
those crazy scientists twistin' and tweakin' those genes
antibodied, modified, microwave fast food
give me those low down high tech 21st Century Blues
everybody's talkin' on the radio
tellin' me everything I don't want to know
the airwaves are crowded with the same old news
givin' me those low down high tech 21st Century Blues
I got a dog from a girlfriend, save that mutt from the pound
they'd put a digital chip into the neck of that hound
now I hear there's a satellite watchin' all that dog do
I got those low down high tech 21st Century Blues

8. Distant Sound

another election year, another year to leap
year o' the hero, year o' the sheep
pull the curtain, pull the lever, for your soul to keep
I think I'll take a walk into town
see Harry the barber, and GW the clown
they tell me what they think is comin' down
around the corner, down the street we hear a distant sound
I think I'll just keep walkin' around

that distant sound is so low and sweet
somewhere around the corner somewhere down the street
i don't know, but I do know I'm movin' my feet
dancin' and singin' to the distant sound

billboard martyr, cardboard face
highly educated, impeccable taste
a mouse in a maze, a rat in a race
all the plans of the mans, the devices of the mices
all those suits and ties, half-truths and lies
become the mumblin' moon as the rumblin' rises
from the thunder of that distant sound

that distant sound is so sweet and low
from the silent most high to the bottom of my soul
vibratin' and shakin' everything I know
I'll be dancin' to that distant sound....

9. Coyote Song

I'm just sittin' here singin' with the coyotes tonight
about how things look different in a different light
different time of day, different time of year, different clouds in the sky
yeah, things look a little different from here than they do from the other side

I took the path of the loner, built my fire on this mountainside
dancing to coyote's song, in the flickering light
different point of view from the ridge of this mountain, more to it than meets my eyes
hey, things look a little different from here than they do from the other side

these dancing shadows are calling me from deep in the heart of the sun
it's carrying over these mountains and canyons, telling me it's time to come

come down and build your fire a little closer to the road
a place where weary travelers can rest a while with their load
different songs and stories, different dreams, different visions thru different eyes
see how things look a little different from the other side

this young shadow that's been followin' me,is now traveling by my side
we'll be traveling together a while,before he slips on ahead into the night

this ancient spirit that's been shadowing me has always been my guide
he's been leading me up this mountain,he'll be leading me on over the other side

and we're all just sittin' here singin' with the coyotes tonight
about how things look different around the circle of life
different time of day, different time of year, different shadows tonight
the center's the same, though it looks a little different from the other side

10. Funny World

the circus is in town
the greatest show on earth
the ring master guarantees
we'll get our money's worth
you gotta have a car, a job,
some money, go to school
but if you can't do that,
hey, you can always play the fool
'cause it's a funny world

we're all a bunch of clowns
drivin' funny cars
the house is burnin' down
from exploding cigars
we're trippin' 'round in circles,
wrapped in rubber hose
with our heads up our asses
and our fingers up our nose
it's a funny world

I can't stop laughin'
and I can't stop cryin'
no matter how I look at it,
there's no denyin'
it's a funny world
Jack Sprat, the tattooed man
is dyin' in bed
the fat lady's
sittin' on the midget's head
the trees are screamin'
and the rivers wanna choke
we're all waitin' for the punch line
to a really really really bad joke
it's a funny world

this idea in my head
is growin' like a tumor
it's giving me a very painful
sense of humor
it's a funny world

we're wondering how to fix it
we're wondering how it broke
the popes and the politicians are puttin' on a puppet show
maybe if we close our eyes,
maybe click our heels
maybe we can get back
to a place that's really real
it's a funny world

when this big top comes down it'll pop our balloons
when this circus leaves town it won't be none too soon
we'll sweep up all this bullshit in a compost pile
pull some weeds and plant some seeds,
and after a's a funny world

I'm thinkin' 'bout stayin',
then I think I wanna leave
but there's just a little bit
too much gravity....
it's a funny world

11. Every Lonely Highway

he brought her flowers
when he didn't know what to say
he brought a smile
to his mother's face
he brought his past
along with him everyday
and always felt so out of place
there's at least one
on every lonely highway
don't need to be anywhere soon
headlights crestin' the ridge top
risin' 'tween Venus and the moon

he had children
who grew far away from him
he had a feeling he couldn't ever shake
he had a heavy load
that always stayed with him
he'd already had more
than he could take
but there's at least one
on every lonely highway
an angel, a savior, a god
headlights swingin' down the switchback
into the village, in the valley, in the fog

he had the years
flow together into a weary dream
he had hoped
that someday he'd wake
he had a though
lookin' out over the icy sheen
he knew which road we would take
there's at least on
on every lonely highway
longing for the freedom to fly
headlights soarin' off the canyon rim
into eternity, beyond the sky

he left a ghost
on every empty bar stool
he left a flower
on every mother's grave
he left this world
feelin' like a fool
he left nothin' for Jesus to save
and there's at least one
on every lonely highway
no need to be anywhere soon
tail lights flyin' over the horizon
setting with Venus and the moon

12. Blue Collar Blues

straight lace, blue collar, yankin' on my chain
absorbed in the absurd, engrossed in the insane
my TV's talkin' to me, whispered in my ear
sayin' I'm the queen of hearts, babe,
and you're the king of beer

what's wrong with this picture?
have we all been framed?
the picture's much bigger
we've been caged and contained
but not to worry, darlin',
you look close and you'll see
on a thread of silver light
hangs a golden key
at the altar of your hear to set us all free

there's a satellite dish,
full of space junk food
spoon fed, dished out, forked over good
what's with all this pain?
I asked the junkie poet,
as he blew out his brains
generation short-changed, suckin' hind tit
milk and honey, sonny,
but you're gonna fight for it

there's a white light comin' outta the blue
collar blues
hold on tight
to what you don't wanna loose

hold onto your true love, let go of the sky
hold onto that thought,
boys and girls we're gonna fly

straight-faced, name caller, pullin' back my reins
obsessed with the obscene, inspired by the insane
my TV's talkin' to me, screamin' in my ear
sayin' "I'm your trusted guardian,
you're a prisoner of fear"

there's that satellite dish full of space junk food
spoon fed, spaced out, forked over good

but there's a white light
comin' outta the blue collar blues
hold on tight to what you don't wanna loose

13. Miracles

from the sky, every drop of rain is a miracle
circling and cycling, the blood of all life
there's a pretty good chance you can catch yourself a miracle
if you take your hat off your head and it just right

the high road to adventure,
rails and rides 'cross the countryside
traveling, unraveling the secrets of life
there's a pretty good chance you'll catch a ride with a miracle
if you stick out your thumb and hold it just right

through the eyes of a child, see the wonders off the ages
comin' 'round your blind side, catch you when you not lookin'
full of surprises, 'tween the lines and the pages
you might miss it if you blink,
you might miss it if your eyes are open wide

in the night, in the deep, in your sleep, dreams a miracle
floating to and from, between the other side
there's a pretty good chance
you'll catch a flight with that miracle
if you lift up you wings and open them wide

butterflies and wall flowers dancing on the summer breeze
opposing, attracting, crossing magnetic fields
there's a pretty good chance you'll catch a dance with a miracle
as the petals unfold and the heart is revealed


every star is full of a million miracle
comin' right to you at the speed of light
there's a pretty good chance you'll be struck by a miracle
if you take off your mask and throw it to the sky


14. When The Goin' Gets Weird (Reprise)

ran into an old friend on a corner downtown
it was cold cold day his was froze in a frown
the sign said "don't walk" he said "then I gotta run"
he was actin' pretty squirrely he was under the gun
the coast wasn't clear the sign said "wait"
he said I'm cruisin' for a bruisin'
and I'm runnin' late
nutty buddy and traffic jam

unemployment insecurity appointment at 2
the suit behind the counter
asked me "what do you do?"
I sing songs and laugh with children
and watch flowers grow
and oh by the, hey, I just went pro

farmer, teacher, artist, sailin' thru space
on the speck of stardust to another time and place
it's bigger than the both of us, it's bigger 'n us all
it's so big that most of us have our back to the wall
Jim Dandy to the rescue, we don't have far to go
when the goin' gets weird the weird go pro